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Wish everything chemsky technology Co., LTD
Chemsky (shanghai) International Co.,Ltd.
Address:No.868 Sanlin Road,Room 207 Pudong New Area,Shanghai 201201,China
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Chemsky (shanghai) International Co.,Ltd was founded in 2010 in Shanghai, China. With the catalog of more than 20,000 regular products, Chemsky (shanghai) International is a leader in innovative process chemistry, research & development and production with technology of new active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates and other specialty chemicals in our different facilities at significant cost-savings to our customers all over the world.
 *Chemicals community top-qualitatively offered a broad range of organic chemicals, which backed by extensive technical information, service support, as well as custom synthesis from gram to kilogram tailored to our clients' specific needs. In fact, a huge selection of rare organic compounds you will not find anywhere else.
 *Activities include direction developing, scale-up, worldwide distribution, custom process, relative technical support and quality assurance.
 *Technology advanced in the multi-step synthesis and the new route development of self-intellectual property right. R&D team and QC team have more than 10 years of experience. Chemsky (shanghai) International has been dedicating efforts expanding its R&D capacity, adding new products.
 *People are our pride and our greatest asset who service to our clientele are our highest priority. Six sevenths of our staffs are in possession of BC. degree above in famous universities. We are dedicated to making it easy for you to do business with us and to maintaining high standards.
 *Customers mainly served are in North America, Japan and Europe. Having more space for extended stock keeping and better technical equipment, Chemsky (shanghai) International soon developed to one of the leading catalog houses for R&D chemicals in Asia. We are pride of ourselves in providing the highest quality products, services and dependability to our distinguished and demanding clientele.
    When you choose Chemsky (shanghai) International, you get much more than a chemical compound. You get 10 years of scientific pharmaceutical know-how, a wealth of research data, the Chemsky (shanghai) International guarantee of quality and the commitment of a highly professional staff.
    We are looking forward to receiving your comments, questions, inquiries or orders.